17:22 GMT27 November 2020
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    Students at a secondary school in the Argentinian city of San Juan recently received unusual homework from their history teacher, which they almost flawlessly completed, receiving 9 of 10 possible points for their work. They had no idea, however, that their "funny" historic interpretation would have serious consequences.

    A group of teenagers made a clip, mocking - they allegedly thought - gruesome crimes against humanity, particularly Adolf Hitler and the notorious atrocities of his Nazi regime.

    The students "creatively" approached their class assignment, using the melody of the once-popular ear worm by the Norwegian dance group Aqua 'Barbie Girl'; changing lyrics and dressing in Halloween-style Nazi costumes for their video, which after being posted earlier this week on social media went viral.

    ​“I’m a Nazi girl in a Nazi world”, sings a female student, along with singing young men in the video. The clip, which sparked an outcry in the local community, also contains Nazi symbols and shows the 'singing Nazis' humiliating actors dressed to represent Jews and homosexuals.

    The Times of Israel reported that the controversial homework delivered to the Argentinian students prompted a representative of the national Jewish political umbrella DAIA to schedule for Monday a special meeting with officials from the Education Ministry of San Juan province.

    The school apologized in a statement issued on Saturday to the representative of the Sociedad Israelita de San Juan, as well to other groups who felt that they had been insulted in the video. The teacher who allegedly assigned students with the task was reportedly sanctioned and fired.


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