11:53 GMT05 March 2021
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    Pictures from the International Space Station published a YouTube conspiracy channel have shown something that appears to be flying through the clouds and leaving a distinguishable trace behind it. The bloggers running the account suggested that it was an experiment, while a theory about a weather-controlling device also popped up in the comments.

    The creators of the YouTube conspiracy channel Blake and Brett Cousins suspect that NASA and the International Space Station are running a mysterious experiment and testing “new space technology”. They suggested that NASA’s images, published on the agency’s website, could point to “some sort of secret sonic weapon”.

    The photos of the Atlantic Ocean off the Antarctic coast, taken from space, show “something ripping through the clouds that is creating a pattern that we haven’t seen before”, one of the conspiracy theorists explained.

    “What kind of craft is zipping through the clouds to cut clouds and make this ripple effect? Whatever it is, it’s massive”, Brett said.

    The fact that the ISS was at the precise location to take the good pictures of the phenomenon prompted him to conclude that this was an experiment.

    “The ISS wanted to get some good images of this – they are super hi-res. Is this some sort of secret sonic weapon that we’re not aware of?” he asked, while his brother alleged it all could be “new space technology”.

    Some commenters shared their suspicions. One even suggested that it could have something to do with weather control.

    “Sonic blast, just like they use to control weather. U want proof, go to Mike Morales channel on YouTube”, a user with the handle Sherry King posted, while another commenter suggested: “It looks like a bow-shock from a craft breaking the sound barrier”.

    Others were less inclined to believe there might be something sensational, saying it could be a plane going through the top of the clouds or good old Santa Claus making some early rounds.


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