07:06 GMT07 March 2021
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    Sailing across the Atlantic in a boat is by no means a mundane thing to do, but a new conspiracy theory suggests Greta Thunberg has mastered a much more fun type of voyage – time travel.

    A 120-year-old photo circulating online appears to prove that Greta Thunberg is both a time traveller AND a gold digger.

    The black-and-white image, found in the archives of the University of Washington, shows three children working at a gold mine in the historic Klondike gold district and was made around 1898, if the description is correct.

    The eerie part is the girl in the foreground, who looks exactly like Greta Thunberg. The pigtails are also there.

    Casting aside the down-to-earth time-travel-is-impossible trifle, as well as the obvious lookalike theory, this leaves us with just one possible explanation: Greta hopped in a (hopefully zero-emissions) time machine and went straight to our days to save the planet. Or vice versa.

    Of course, this is just humour, and the real Greta is somewhere out there in the Atlantic, navigating her way back home. But some people have picked up the conspiracy and are now spreading the word about Greta’s time-bending powers, apparently in jest.

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