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    Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacts as he drinks a cup of tea during a general election campaign visit to the Tetley Tea Factory at Tata Global Beverages in Stockton-on-Tees, Britain November 7, 2019

    Things That Matter Most? Johnson Faces Twitterstorm as He Adds Milk to Cupper Before Removing Bag

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    Johnson and his Conservative Party are currently engaged in a tough standoff with Jeremy Corbyn and Labour as the two sides seek to tip the scales in the upcoming snap election, which could decide the outcome of the UK's efforts to leave the European Union.

    In a recent attempt to sway voters before the December general election in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson published a short video where he explained the pros and cons of voting for him and the Conservative Party or for any other party, including Labour. However, it was not Johnson's arguments that stirred netizens, but rather what he was doing while speaking – specifically, how he made himself a cupper.

    What could go wrong, one may ask, when a Brit makes a simple cup of tea? Well, it turns out that a significant portion of British Twitterians don't like it when someone adds milk to the traditional British brew before pulling out the tea bag. But that is precisely what Johnson did in the clip while explaining the choice that voters face in terms of whom to vote for in the snap election.

    Thus, a significant portion of viewers ignored the prime minister's warning about how destructive Corbyn and the Labour Party could be to the British economy, but instead focused their outrage on his tea-making skills.

    Some argued that the inability to complete a task as simple as making tea properly (according to some netizens) is indicative of the prime minister's abilities to perform more complex endeavours, such as those he faces at his current post.

    Others argued that the cupper gaffe had spoiled the whole PR stunt that the Tories had allegedly intended with the release of Johnson's video.

    In their "outrage", Twitterians went as far as to introduce a specific hashtag, #teabaggate, describing Johnson's faux-pas in the format that has recently been used to describe major scandals in society, business, and politics.

    Not all netizens, however, were especially shocked by how the prime minister handles tea bags, with some suggesting that people were taking the peculiarity a bit too seriously.

    Some social media users outright slammed the idea of hyping #teabaggate to the level of a real scandal.

    Others chose to troll those who perceived Johnson's method of brewing tea too harshly.

    Several Twitterians were actually surprised to hear about the "rule" that a tea bag should be pulled out before adding milk, noting that they had always done the opposite.


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