02:07 GMT29 May 2020
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    Earlier in the day, the K-pop boy band’s label Starship Entertainment had announced that its vocalist Wonho is leaving the group.

    After announcing that Wonho is permanently leaving Monsta X, Starship agency was hit with another scandal: Han Seo-hee, ex-trainee and model, known for her scandals with idols Hanbin from Ikon and T.O.P from Big Bang and radical feminist statements, revealed through her Instagram story a series of messages that her friend and rumoured to be girlfriend Jung Da-eun received from a now-deleted account where the sender claims his wife and the leader of the band Shownu were having an affair.

    A snapshot prom Instagram stories
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    A snapshot prom Instagram stories

    The account also gave a screenshot of the message he allegedly received from Starship Entertainment’s legal counsel. It said that Shownu had no idea that the woman was married or had a boyfriend, and if he knew that, he won’t date her. He has had no connection with her since September 10 and has no intentions to meet her in the future.

    Another snapshot prom Instagram stories
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    Another snapshot prom Instagram stories

    A couple of hours later, the agency made an official statement that the woman did not inform Shownu that she was married, thus causing the issue.

    Wonho Withdrawal From Monsta X

    Recently the same Jung Da-eun, who was Wonho's close friend and who appeared on the famous K-pop show “Ullzzang Generation”, claimed in her now deleted Instagram post that he borrowed money and hasn’t paid it back. She also added, “That annoys me after seeing him on TV. As soon as I find out his number, he disappears.”

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    In addition, Han Seo-hee joined the witch hunt and also claimed that he owes her money.

    ​Starship Entertainment responded to the accusations by claiming otherwise, saying Wonho owing Jung Da-eun isn’t true. They explained that they will not be responding to their claims since it is all false.

    Meanwhile, Jung Da-eun continues to accuse Wonho, revealing that back in 2008 he was a suspect in an aggravated theft investigation.

    ​Starship Entertainment has not yet responded to that particular claim from Jung Da-eun.

    Earlier, Starship Entertainment announced that Wonho decided to leave the band.

    The group will continue performing with six members. Wonho also left a handwritten letter to fans, where he apologized and stated that it is his wish to avoid causing trouble for Monsta X. The group also promised to continue to respond to malicious and distorted claims on the internet.

    Fans of the band, which are called “monbebe”(“my baby” in French), are in despair and even made a petition for Wonho to stay in Monsta X.

    They created the trending hashtag #원호탈퇴반대, which means "Against Wonho leaving," gaining more than 1.4m tweets from all over the world.

    Currently, K-fans showing their support with post-it notes attached to the wall of the building of the agency and planning to stand with silent demonstration in front of Starship building at 12PM on the 2nd of November in protest against Wonho’s withdrawal from Monsta X.

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