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    Twitter Disgusted as Rapper YG Kicks Off Fan For Not Saying ‘F*** Trump’ on Stage

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    A US rapper tried to force a young man to say Trump’s name out loud and make an obscene statement before the audience, and it backfired on him in a spectacular fashion.

    Rapper YG stirred controversy this weekend after he called a fan on stage, only to try to force him to say “F*** Donald Trump” before the audience.

    “Listen, I spotted you out in the crowd. I asked you if you f****d with Donald Trump, you said, ‘You don't know,’” the Los Angeles rapper can be seen saying in the video. “So, since you don't know, I need you to make up your mind tonight.”

    The rapper then demanded the fan state his name and say obscenities about Trump. When the fan hesitated and then refused to do so, YG kicked him off stage.

    ​“Get his ass outta here,” YG said as the crowd booed the fan. “Get him off the stage… He a Donald Trump supporter. Get his ass up outta here.”

    The incident, which took place at YG’s Saturday performance at the Mala Luna Music Festival in Texas, was blasted by social media users. Netizens, many of whom said they don’t support Trump, lashed out at the rapper for an entire number of reasons, including trying to force a political opinion on a fan, being irresponsible about the fan’s future after a public statement and for kicking out a fan who paid for the ticket.

    Many commenters expressed their appreciation to the fan for not succumbing to public pressure. Some, however, noted that the young man was smart enough not to make public statements while being recorded by multiple device cameras.


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