03:43 GMT +313 November 2019
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    'Jewish People Killed Jesus': Trisha Paytas Clashes With H3 Host About Jokes and Crucifixion

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    The podcast’s host Ethan Klein countered Trisha’s statement by arguing that her claim about Jesus’ death is a subject that is hotly debated, and pointing at the Roman government’s responsibility in the matter.

    American social media personality Trisha Paytas has apparently found herself treading dangerous waters as she ventured into an argument bordering on a religious dispute during her recent appearance at the H3 podcast.

    While discussing the subject of assumptions about Jewish people and how people might get offended by certain assumptions with hosts Ethan and Hila Klein, Trisha dropped the phrase "Jews killed Jesus", apparently as an example of "making jokes at Jewish people’s expenses", with Ethan arguing that it’s "not funny".

    "Jewish people killed Jesus is a fact, that’s what I’m saying", Trisha said, noting later that "Jesus was a Jew".

    Ethan, however, immediately countered her statement, arguing that this issue is a subject of debate.

    "That’s definitely hotly debated. And I think that only people like Mel Gibson actually believe that," he remarked, describing the statement "the Jews killed Jesus" as propaganda and insisting that the Roman government was ultimately responsible for that act.

    The conversation then veered to more mundane matters, however, so it remains unclear what “people like Mel Gibson” might think about this matter.

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