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    Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor to U.S. president Donald Trump, speaks on a panel at the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington, U.S., October 18, 2019

    Twitter Roasts Ivanka Trump Over 'US Quantum Supremacy' Claim

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    Even as Ivanka praised the parties involved in this new quantum computing achievement, a number of social media users appeared critical of her assessment of the Trump administration's role in this endeavour.

    US President Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka has apparently once again become the focus of attention on social media after her apparent attempt to laud a certain alleged achievement of her father’s administration.

    Delivering the news via her Twitter and Instagram accounts, Ivanka declared that “the US has achieved quantum supremacy” as “in a collaboration between the Trump Admin, Google and UC Santa Barbara”, a Sycamore quantum processor managed to perform a complex mathematical task that would’ve taken a “classic” supercomputer several thousand years to complete, in a matter of minutes.

    “We’re proud to have contributed to this major milestone, ushering in the next gen of quantum tech in the USA!”, she wrote, noting how Trump “signed the National Quantum Initiative Act into law, supporting robust quantum R&D”.

    ​The social media crowd, however, did not seem particularly thrilled by Ivanka’s announcement, with a number of netizens criticising her assessment of the Trump administration’s role in this endeavour.

    Ivanka’s announcement also comes as IBM, Google’s chief rival in the field of quantum computing, has already disputed the “quantum supremacy” claim made by the IT giant.

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