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    PewDiePie Confesses to a Weird Pizza Eating Habit, and It May Get on Your Nerves

    © Photo: pewdiepie/instagram
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    Turkey aside, pizza is arguably the world’s most divisive dish nowadays. There is still no consensus on whether pineapple is acceptable as a topping, and neither have pizza lovers come to an agreement on how to eat it in the neatest way.

    Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has just added some weight to the unpopular side of the pizza debate as he revealed his “mildly infuriating” pizza-eating style.

    The YouTube king made the confession as he was browsing “r/mildlyinfuriating”, a subreddit dedicated to the things that annoy everyone’s inner perfectionist – whether it be a person cutting a pie not down the marked lines or a bike parked in such a way that it occupies four spots in a rack.

    Pewds’ attention was drawn to a photo of a woman cutting slices out of the middle of a pizza with a knife and a fork leaving out the crust.

    “I have a confession to make,” he began. “First of all, when I looked up this subreddit, this image shows up, ‘The way my grandmother eats pizza.’”

    “I’ve eaten pizza this way for over twenty years,” he continued. “And every time we’re out with friends and I start eating my pizza, it always goes weird and quiet…and everyone’s staring at what I’m doing to the pizza.”

    He playfully bemoaned that there is a “stigma” attached to the habit of eating pizza from the middle and added: “I don’t like the crust. And when you’re done eating it, you have a pizza frame, and you can put your face in it.”

    Just a quick reminder: PewDiePie’s wife Marzia hails from Italy, the birthplace of pizza. Hopefully, she will cope with this smoothly.

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