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    PewDiePie Might Have Just Blown Up His ‘Gay Dog’ on Camera – Video

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    PewDiePie’s self-invented adventures in sandbox video game Minecraft have acquired a Hollywood-esque spin, featuring betrayals, violence, and even death.

    The future of PewDiePie’s immensely popular Minecraft series is mired in uncertainty as the Swedish blogger appeared to have accidentally killed his pets in the latest episode.

    The October 13 episode revolved around PewDiePie obeying the instructions of the newly-established ominous Council of Beetroot, which “told” him to lure creepers into traps and torture them. This is the only way for Pewds to learn the whereabouts of his friends – his gay dog Sven, Sven's son called Svenson, pet fox Bengt, and horse Joergen #3, who went missing in the previous episode.

    After the Council is appeased, PewDiePie learns that he can find Sven and others on top of his new IKEA tower but has to finish it first. When he builds the structure, embellished with a Swedish flag and a beacon, he decides to destroy it.

    “I used to look at the IKEA tower and think that’s the most beautiful tower this world has ever seen,” he said. “But I understand now: its beauty was coming from its aesthetic… no, it was the friendship that surrounded it.”

    “I understand now what I must do. I must blow up IKEA tower, I've already made up my mind!” he added as he was rigging it with TNT.

    Pewds then suddenly discovers the missing pets sitting underneath the tower: he finds out that they had gathered there to teach him that unfinished projects should not be dropped.

    However, it turns out that the Council effectively betrayed Pewds, as it told the pets to stay under the tower. Pewds tells his friends to run away, but the malevolent beetroot then triggers the TNT, and an explosion causes the tower to collapse.

    The end of the episode has bitter overtones, with PewDiePie roaming through the rumble in search for the pets, who presumably didn’t survive the blast.

    The next episode will shed light on whether Sven and the rest of his beloved friends are alive, and tragic news could disappoint a low of fans. PewDiePie has previously stated that if Sven dies, the series is over too.

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