17:14 GMT +319 January 2020
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    An uninvited guest literally dropped into the White House press briefing room, sending reporters into a tizzy and social media users into a rodent-related roast of US President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry.

    NBC News White House Correspondent Peter Alexander acted as a cushion after a helpless mouse plopped down from the ceiling and became the hottest topic in the White House briefing room Tuesday morning.

    While some reporters cowered in fear of coming into contact with the unofficial White House resident, others attempted to capture the mouse. Senior White House Reporter for NBC News Digital Shannon Pettypiece dubbed the hunt “the most excitement in the White House briefing room in months.”

    The young rodent’s presence came about just a few months after the White House’s senior occupant dubbed the city of Baltimore a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

    As a result, netizens had a number of takes on the mouse’s drop-in and instructed the president to not hurl rodent-related insults if those same animals scurry within his home’s walls.

    In addition to references related to the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into Trump, many also drew comparisons between the rodent and the current administration and its loyalists.

    According to the Washington Post, the mouse evaded capture and scurried to another part of the White House.


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