19:31 GMT21 October 2020
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    Austrian-American actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has left his Instagram followers open-mouthed after posting a picture of his 22-year-old son in what seems to be a Russian military outfit.

    The world-famous Terminator actor and former politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger, invited a flood of comments from Russian-speakers on his Instagram page when he posted a birthday picture of his son Christopher wearing what appears to be a Russian colonel-ranking military uniform.

    Posing in a brown fur coat himself, the actor did not specify whether the pic was taken on the exact same day, nor did he explain the story behind the outfit, which unsurprisingly led to a number of reactions from Russian-speakers, with some even posting several lines from Russia's anthem.

    “Arnold, did you kill the bear while your son was guarding the borders of the forest with the woodman?” one Instagram user asked in Russian.

    “We all wear such [overcoats]. Even bears”, another Russian-speaker added.

    Schwarzenegger became well-known in the Soviet Union after portraying a Russian military officer in the epic 1988 movie Red Heat, where he often had to resort to some Russian phrases that sounded particularly funny to native speakers. Instagram users could not miss the chance to draw parallels between Schwarzenegger’s post and his character, who was wearing a similar outfit in the movie.

    “Is this overcoat left from Red Heat?” one of the comments read.  

    “Kakie vashi dokazatelstva???” another user added, recalling one of the most famous lines from the movie (which can be translated as "What's your evidence?"). “Best regards to your son and you! You was good russian cop [sic]”.

    This is not the first time that Russian internet users have targeted Hollywood celebrities, with American veteran actor Sylvester Stallone recently falling victim to a trend that was set by Lady Gaga’s followers, after she allegedly “stole” a husband from Russia-born model Irina Shayk, thereby provoking a wave of criticism from Russian-speakers.

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