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    The satirical get-together, wildly promoted online, failed to become a reality on the scheduled date of 20 September, but YouTube’s top individual creator and streamer PewDiePie believes that this definitely has a silver lining due to the effort of two million virtual participants.

    During a fresh episode of the “Meme Review”, top-ranking YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, commonly known as PewDiePie, has jokingly made a reference to the Area 51 event, which was much publicised due to its Facebook page inviting hordes to participate. The Swede explained why, despite the event not living up to most people's expectations, it wasn’t a complete failure.

    After dropping introductory remarks on what the event was about, the YouTuber noted, reacting to the latest news, that only a handful of people turned up at the 20 September gathering in the Nevada desert, which was apparently intended to be comedic:

    “This was expectation, and this is reality”.

    He then watched the mocking “Naruto runner” video featuring a man who showed up for the “storming” of the Area 51 event and ran like the famed anime character behind an on-scene news reporter who was briefing the audience.

    “Well, what actually happened was one guy...” he started off, unable to suppress his laughter, trying to present the news as a positive and funny happening. “Naruto ran in front of a news guy, and I see this as an absolute win!”

    Irrespective of memes jeering at the people that actually expressed interest in the event and turned up for it, Pewds let up on some of them, commenting on a meme that suggested anyone who arrived in Nevada is a “f***ing legend”:

    “I kind of have to agree. Like, well done”, Pewds said, admiring those that went to great lengths to keep the ridiculous meme spreading. “Although if you live in Nevada you are not a legend. You’re just a local, let’s get real here”.

    When another meme popped up stating that people should take it easy so the raid wouldn’t prove to be an overwhelming success, as had been advertised, the Swede butted in with a swipe:
    “Wait what did people think a successful raid would be? There wasn’t actually alien girls with alien p***y!”

    The YouTube king, who boasts over 101 million unique subscribers as of today, then shared his inner thoughts on the event and hype around it:

    “It definitely helped the fact that it had a deadline. Because all memes are just dead after a week. But thanks to the Facebook event, it had a pretty good longevity. It had a pretty good run. I’m happy with it. There was a good meme for once!”

    The Facebook movement, which jokingly planned to break into the top-secret Area 51, failed to become a reality last week, but gave rise to a whole series of hilarious memes widely shared online.

    The event, which was planned for 20 September, received overwhelming Internet coverage after two million alien hunters, many of whom are traditionally drawn to the place, vowed to partake in the event on its Facebook page, promoting a break-in of the classified Air Force base, despite multiple warnings from the US military. It was formally called off at rather short notice over safety concerns, with the organisers okaying a music festival in the desert instead.


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