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    In a video posted on 12 September titled “My 100 Mil Award Broke”, PewDiePie gave reasons for his change of heart over the previously-made decision to donate money to the US Anti-Defamation League

    PewDiePie Left Without Verification Mark After YouTube Changes Eligibility Rules

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    The video platform is reforming its verification system, stripping some creators of their authentication marks, which is said to be impacting search results and bloggers’ streams. While YouTube insists that the move is intended to indicate authenticity for big names, critics have already branded the changes ambiguous and unnecessary.

    Swedish top vlogger Felix Kjellberg, better known as “King of YouTube” PewDiePie, has been affected by the changes to the verification system that the social media giant recently rolled out.

    Pewds, who recently made history as the first individual YouTube channel to hit 100 million subscribers, has been stripped of the grey authenticity mark on the video platform’s mobile application. Although PewDiePie still has the verification badge on the desktop version of YouTube, many fans have rushed to Twitter to share their surprise at the change, which can be seen if one accesses the platform on a phone.

    ​Many lambasted YouTube, pointing out that Pewds was not the only creator to lose the mark.

    ​However, the YouTube Creators team tried to calm the uproar by explaining that “the checkmark has never appeared on YouTube mobile channel pages” and promised that this would be added soon. They also insisted that no verification badges had been lost.

    ​The video platform is now facing massive backlash over the changes against its verification system, as it is updating the eligibility criteria for bloggers. It’s also changing the mechanism by which a channel is verified.

    “Channels that meet the new requirements no longer need to apply, we will automatically apply the new verified treatment. There is no process to request channel verification. If your channel is no longer verified, you can appeal”, the introduction of the rules says.

    The existing grey mark will disappear in late October: verified channels will have a grey background behind the name instead.

    Some have already denounced the changes as ambiguous, speculating that the new rules could be used as a tool to remove endorsements from channels that YouTube is not eager to associate with its brand, the outlet Game Rant points out.

    Creators who had received a “black mark” and been stripped of the tick are joining those opposing the move and complaining about the new rules.

    ​According to YouTube, the changes are necessary due to its growing audience.

    “As YouTube has grown and become more complex, we need a new way to verify the identity of channels and help you find the official channel you’re looking for”, the company stated.


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