15:33 GMT +321 October 2019
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     Loch Ness Monster

    Public Scrambles for Explanations as New Footage of 'Yangtze Loch Ness Monster' Emerges

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    An expert from the Chinese Academy of Sciences argued that the object seen in the video is likely inanimate, claiming that a reptile wouldn’t brave the middle of the Yangtze.

    As social media users continue to debate the origins of what appears to be some kind of serpentine creature that was recently filmed swimming in the Yangtzee river, new footage of this strange object, which the Daily Star has already labeled a "Loch Ness-style ‘monster’", has emerged online.

    The video, the veracity of which could not be immediately ascertained, seems to show the same enigmatic object that was featured in the previous footage, but from a different angle.

    The newspaper also notes that while the public seems uncertain about what they saw in the vid, discussing various theories and even suspecting a hoax, a Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher named Ding Li speculated that the thing in the video might be “a floating object, such as a plastic net caught on the riverbed”.

    The expert also dismissed the “giant snake theories”, arguing that reptiles wouldn’t swim in the middle of such a “rough river”.

    Other possible explanations offered by local fishermen and social media users include a shading screen from a farm and a runaway oil boom.

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