11:11 GMT27 February 2021
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    While predator attacks might be difficult to watch, they are the way nature works, and are perfectly normal from a biological point of view.

    A horrifying video was uploaded online showing a 15-foot great white shark attacking a seal several yards away from a whale watching ship.

    The footage, captured by ship captain Theophilos Tsagkaris off the Green's Point Lighthouse in New Brunswick, Canada, shows sea the go red as the sea predator consumes its prey.

    Warning: Footage contains graphic scenes that may be disturbing and unsettling to some viewers.

    Jolly Breeze Tall Ship, the tour organizer, said it was the third time they’ve spotted such an attack, with the previous two taking place within a two-week span, according to The Daily Mail report.

    Nicole Leavitt-Kennedy, a marine biologist for Island Quest Whale Watching, confirmed that the footage depicted a “large 12-15-foot great white shark that was essentially eating a seal off of one of our seal rocks,” adding that there are several species of sharks in the area, including great whites, basking sharks and blue sharks.

    According to Leavitt-Kennedy, while attacks of this nature are not an everyday occurrence, they are not a rarity.

    “'I'm not going to say they're as common as you would see them every time you go out on the ocean – but they are there,” she said.


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