16:19 GMT25 September 2020
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    A woman in Switzerland reportedly spotted a large dark object floating over the town of Solothurn on her way to work. The video of what is widely speculated to be a UFO, but reminiscent of a person in a cape, has caused the imagination of YouTubers to run wild. However, many have offered more down-to-earth explanations.

    Footage of a cylinder-like object, spotted by a woman in Switzerland, sparked debate on YouTube after it was shared by several conspiracy channels. According to the description of the video, the woman, referred to as Didem Y., “got the shock of her life” when she noticed the figure in the sky on her way to work, leading her to stop to film it. The description claimed that she was not the only one to witness the unusual appearance, as other cars also slowed down to capture the object on camera.

    Some commenters seemingly agreed that it was a UFO, but pointed out that it had a very strange shape.

    “Very strange UFO not usual”, one of them said, while another added that he had never seen “any footage of this particular shaped UFO before”.

    Others took a more sarcastic point of view, jokingly asking: “What ever happened to the original shaped UFOs, the saucer shaped ones? Don't like these new models”. One commenter even dubbed the figure “Tardis from Dr. Who”.

    However, one of them sought to calm the alien hunters down, suggesting that it was nothing more than a balloon, proving their point by posting a link to a local news site. According to the site, a Swiss retailer had set up a hot-air balloon shaped like a bottle to advertise a laundry detergent.


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