20:42 GMT07 May 2021
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    US President Donald Trump first sparked controversy on 4 September when he displayed a map in the Oval Office showing Hurricane Dorian making its way up the East Coast, with its path extended with a Sharpie to include Alabama, even though the National Hurricane Center's forecasts did not suggest the state would be hit.

    US President Donald Trump has sent the internet into meltdown after tweeting a CNN-mocking meme in the wake of the Hurricane Dorian “Sharpie” scandal.

    On Saturday night Trump posted an edited video of a cat, sitting on a CNN logo, chasing a laser pointer “held” by the president, with the now infamous Dorian map in the background.

    ​While a caption explaining why he posted the video was conspicuously absent, internet users deduced that the meme illustrates how media are swift to swoop in on everything the president says or does.

    ​The president's fresh tweet on saturday night sparked pandemonium on the internet, with some stunned the president would go so far as to post a meme on the internet.

    ​Many on Twitter applauded Trump for his sense of humor, while sharing their Sharpiegate-inspired memes.

    ​Earlier, media outlets had accused Trump of making erroneous changes to a map displaying the projected route of Hurricane Dorian.

    Reports alleged that during a White House briefing, Trump incorrectly altered the map with a Sharpie felt pen to highlight areas of Alabama forecast to be battered by Dorian.

    The hurricane, however, missed the state. In a spate of tweets Trump defended his statement, insisting initial forecasts had predicted Alabama lay in the path of the elements.


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