06:27 GMT12 May 2021
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    The snapshot, uploaded from Pewds’ honeymoon location, evoked memories of 19-year-old Internet diva Belle Delphine who garnered likes for her cosplay photoshoots, but at some point decided to cash in on her popularity and started selling, semi-seriously, her own bathwater to devoted fans.

    As soon as A-list YouTuber PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, snapped a laughable honeymoon picture of him in a bathtub filled with water and, romantically, a bunch of petals, his fans instantly drew parallels with another Internet celeb, Belle Delphine, and even suggested that he could emulate her business plan and sell the bathwater. Many submitted off-the-cuff requests, right beloew the Instagram post:

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    Back from Honeymoon!

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    “Would you mind uhh… Filling this jar up for me?” one asked, with another chiming in at length:

    “Let me cop some bathwater please idc if it costs extra with some of those flowers in it”.

    Another potential buyer seemed more interested in the price of the deal:

    “How much for that bathwater Felix?”

    “ur gonna sell ur bathwater right haha just kidding….unless..?” a different user wondered.

    The questions followed the hit story of 19-year-old cosplay model Belle Delphine, who made headlines this past summer by selling over 500 bottles of her own bathwater at an eye-watering $30 (£24) a pop.

    Despite the precedent suggesting a perfect money spinner for hordes of Internet personas, Pewds seems hardly impressed, as he is currently honeymooning together with his long-time love and newly-minted wife, Italian designer and media personality Marzia Bisognin. The pair tied the knot in Kew Gardens after an eight-year relationship, getting engaged last year. The vlogger gladly shared photos of the wedding with his fans, declaring:

     “We are married!!! I’m the happiest I can be I’m so lucky to share my life with this amazing woman”.

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    Photos from our first dance, we were both so nervous ✨ I took a few wrong steps, but we look like we knew what we were doing.

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