11:16 GMT30 October 2020
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    As Hurricane Dorian has been raging over the Bahamas non-stop for well over 40 hours now, with wind and rain smashing into the island nation, social networks are abounding in emotional messages to those who were unlucky to have become trapped in the severely inundated area.

    Some of the extremely heartfelt posts dedicated to the two-day disaster in the Caribbean, in which users cried their eyes out about the devastation on the Bahamas, were called out as inappropriate, while their authors were accused of tone-deafness.

    The reason is that the posts feature words of encouragement to those who have survived the hurricane, but who are now struggling to restore their ruined homes, were accompanied by saucy holiday pictures, with girls in them stretching their best angles for nice toned bum snapshots.

    For instance, geotagged as the Bahamas, model Tatiele Polyana posted a photo of herself posing with her back to the camera, ankle-deep in crystal-clear water, from her sun-kissed get-away on the archipelago in the Caribbean Sea “a few weeks ago”. She captioned the sensual image most incongruously, as her subscribers pointed out:

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    “My heart is in (two). A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to know this immensity of clear water, truly a paradise, how sad, my God, to see the desperation of the people in the videos, so many houses, cars, hospitals and places all being devastated by this damn hurricane! Let's pray for #Bahamas,” she posted.

    "How is this picture praying for Bahamas?" one commenter asked, with another chiming in:

    "How's the tornado?" he wondered.

    Many netizens followed suit or made similar posts independently from Polyana, hashtagging them accordingly: “PrayForBahamas” or “Hurricane Dorian” directly to the right of their “belfie” pictures.

    One even chose to state distinctly that her post should be perceived as serious:

    “On a serious note though, my favourite (most beautiful) beaches in the world are being torn up by hurricane Dorian as we speak”, she stated adding that the Bahamian people are heavy on her heart and are in her prayers.

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    Hurricane Dorian reached Category 5 strength on Monday before gradually falling to Category 2 as it slowly moves northwest over the Bahamas, leaving behind devastation and flooding. The northwest islands of the picturesque archipelago, well known for its white sands, currently continue to endure barrages of rain and wind, with frightening scenes emerging of people struggling to swim to safety or being swept out of their homes by water torrents. Five people were killed when the storm hit the Abaco Islands.


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