13:51 GMT27 May 2020
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    States along the East Coast of the US are preparing to face hurricane Dorian, barreling down on it after hitting the Bahamas. While local netizens are sharing videos of the damage caused by the "catastrophic" Category 5 hurricane, it has prompted South Carolina and Georgia to start coastal evacuations.

    A video of a man, filmed in a mobile home park in Florida’s Palm Bay and shared on Twitter by Florida Today reporter Tyler Vazquez, has prompted a veritable storm of comments due to his take on dealing with hurricane Dorian.

    “We have a Navy. Why don’t the Navy come and drop ice in the warm water so that it can’t go as fast as it’s going. There’s got to be a way to combat instead of just standing and pointing a finger – it’s getting worse. Yah, we know it’s getting worse. But you tell us: ‘Oh, it’s warm weather. Oh, it’s the wind’. But we have an Air Force. Drive some airplanes around to get the winds go in the opposite way”, the man suggested.

    ​The video, which has been viewed over one million times by the time of publication has garnered hundreds of comments and re-tweets. Some could not believe he was serious and suspected him of trolling the situation.

    ​Others began discussing the idea from a “practical” point of view.

    ​Some joked that it was ICE (the Immigration and Customs Enforcement) that should be involved.

    ​Grammy-winning rapper Ice-T appeared to take it personally.

    ​US President Donald Trump was almost immediately brought up in the discussions.

    ​At some point, it all turned into a roast party.

    ​One commenter, however, suggested a scientific explanation for why this was impossible.


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