23:57 GMT27 November 2020
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    As the person who recorded this video explained, they were fishing when they looked up and suddenly saw a round shape flanking a jet at high altitude.

    A peculiar sight was recently spotted in the sky above the United States, where what appears to be a strange circular object moving alongside an aircraft in midair was filmed by an inquisitive observer.

    The video, titled "Airplane and UFO Filmed Flying Side By Side Over Barren County, Kentucky", was uploaded on The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 YouTube channel on 22 August, though the footage, whose veracity couldn’t be immediately confirmed, was apparently recorded on 21 April from the city of Glasgow.

    According to the caption, the person who captured this sight on camera was fishing when they looked up and saw "thick contrails from jet at high altitude" which was "flanked on left side by a round circular craft".

    People who watched the video and expressed their opinion in the comment section seemed generally uncertain of what the object might’ve been, with some joking about the arrival of "your inflight entertainment" or even claiming that they "have an image of the same object".

    At least one netizen, however, ventured a guess that "given that the UFO seems to maintain the same angular position with the aircraft until the camera angle shifts", the circular object might’ve been a product of "a refraction of the aircraft's image inside the lens", while another person suggested that it could’ve been "a commercial aircraft being intercepted by a jet or a bomber being escorted".


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