17:12 GMT19 October 2020
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    Even though the chances that alien-hunters are going to go through with the joke-turned-viral-sensation and break into the classified US Air Force base are miniscule, Nevada still has something to offer these truth seekers.

    A legal brothel, the Alien Cathouse, in Nevada, housing a so-called Area 51, has told The Daily Star that they have “noticed a large increase in email and phone inquiries from persons interested in booking parties with the courtesans” at their institution.

    The brothel, founded by now-deceased sex mogul Dennis Hof, offers a variety of sci-fi-themed X-rated entertainment to its visitors, even though it is not very near the secret facility guarded by the US military.

    “We have numerous legal courtesans that work at the Alien Cathouse Brothel. In addition to the obvious sci-fi, alien or extra-terrestrial theme our brothel as of current caters more to the visitor that is looking for the porn star experience niche”, Rod Thompson, who overtook the brothel after its founder died, boasted in his interview with the British outlet.

    According to the brothel owner, apart from his team of 20 “Cosmic Kittens”, his guests can count on porn stars jumping into their beds. He bragged that at some point they even have ladies on a waiting list wishing to work with him.

    The clients can meet the “cosmic kittens” in bedrooms named “Holodeck” and “Atlantis Fantasy” as well as in a regular hot tub and a spa. For those, seeking unconventional pleasure, there is a special probing room.

    “We do have a probing room, and it’s part of our sci-fi ‘alien abduction’ theme. As far as what goes on there, it’s pretty much what you are imagining. A lot of probes going in and out of orifices”, media director Richard Hunter told The Daily Star.

    The mysterious area in Nevada has been in the headlines since June, when the Facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All Of Us” went viral. It has seen millions of people confirming that they will “attend” a mass raid on the top-secret US base, which has turned into a magnet for UFO and conspiracy devotees. However, the event, scheduled for 20 September, is likely to become a festival in the desert following warnings from the US military, which has pledged to prevent any trespassing.

    Matty Roberts, the creator of the viral Facebook event, has instead decided to host an alien-themed festival and party, as reported by the New York Post. “Alienstock” will feature “live music, arts and camping under the stars” and is planned to occur on the same dates as the initial storming event - from 19-22 September.


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