23:16 GMT13 May 2021
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    Although the woman who captured the strange show in the sky above Texas on camera at first suggested that the dots might just be birds, a reflection off one of the mysterious objects made her question the idea.

    A YouTuber under the handle “towns, cities & so” has shared a clip featuring nine dark dots flying over Odessa in Texas, puzzling fellow YouTubers. A conspiracy channel that drew attention to the footage noted in the video description that the driver had spotted the strange air show when she was waiting at a traffic light.

    According to the blogger, she thought that the pieces could be birds or balloons at first. But she later came to doubt that this was the case, noticing that one of the objects was larger in size, had a different shape, and started to flash - possibly reflecting light from the sun. The woman explained that she had to stop filming when she was going to drive from the traffic lights, but by the time she had managed to turn the car around, the objects had reportedly all disappeared.

    “In this footage i could see two main crafts with several dark spheres encircling them and what we do when we are exploring somewhere, first we deploy probes and that what i feel are the dark spheres”, the conspiracy channel author suggested.


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