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    Gianluca Vacchi

    Italian Millionaire Faces Backlash Over Booty-Slapping Video

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    Trust-fund millionaire Gianluca Vacchi shot to fame three years ago by dancing in his underwear on a luxurious yacht. The grey-haired partyer’s videos, sending out Dolce Vita vibes have garnered an impressive 13 million followers on Instagram.

    Silver influencer Gianluca Vacchi, also dubbed “hedonism-loving playboy” and “sex Santa” over his grey hair, pumped abs and smooth dance moves, has come under fire online for a recent yacht video deemed disrespectful to women and “not cool”. The 52-year-old, who has been building up a music career on the back of his social media fame, posted a clip to his fresh club release Mueve that featured the hedonist millionaire showing off his signature dance moves and drumming the backsides of model-like women in bikinis.

    Although the ladies did not seem to mind the slapping and even joined Vacchi dancing on the deck, the video infuriated some commenters. The grey-haired partyer’s comment, reading “I respect them a lot; learn to joke if you wanna respect life”, also did not help.

    “You talk about respect life, but you have no respect for life it is obvious and less for women....” one Instagrammer posted, while another added that “this is not showing any respect for women’s body” and shared the disappointment, branding the clip “definitely not cool”.

    Some took aim at the ladies, who offered up their butts to be slapped, and noted: “These girls need to learn a little bit about self-respect and believe me I’m not a ‘prude’ at all but this is just not good for our purpose as women”.

    Many fans, however, rushed to defend their beloved “dancing millionaire” and his stunning entourage, leaving comments like “they are just dancing tho [sic]? It’s wrong to dance on [sic] a bikini on a boat? Listen stop judging ppl”.

    Gianluca Vacchi, also known as the “dancing millionaire”, took social media by storm in 2016 when he shared clips of him living the high life and dancing on a yacht. As it later was reported, he got his fortune from the family business he sold.

    owever, he has turned his Instagram account featuring mostly girls in bikini, parties on yachts and private jets into a source of considerable income. Since he shot to fame, he has gained over 13 million followers on his Instagram account, earning $16,750 for a single post, as British GQ reports.


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