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    Woman and elephant

    Lulz as Frisky Elephant ‘Gropes’ Bikini-Clad Playboy Model (Video)

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    In a video that emerged online, a lady appeared to be stretching her best angles for the sake of a decent summer pic when a gigantic mammal that she had hoped would also be in the snapshot suddenly took a vivid interest in what was hidden underneath her barely-present upper bikini part.

    Playboy model and self-proclaimed Instagram icon Francia James claims that she was “groped” by a 9,000-pound elephant while she was posing in a micro-bikini for pictures at a Myrtle Beach safari park, South Carolina.

    In a video shared by a variety of media and social networks, the socialite, who boasts a whopping 2.2 million army of followers on her Instagram, can be seen cosying up to the beast and attempting to stroke its trunk, but the elephant seems to be more interested in reaching straight out for her feminine parts. Not expecting such a persistent intrusion, presumably prompted by some particular scent coming from James’ torso, she jumps away in a state of shock, albeit wearing a wide smile on her lips.

    Although many gave the beast a thumbs-up for the playful gesture, calling it “smart” and calling “God’s blessing” on it, another called the “victim” out for allegedly using the animal to promote her body in comments on YouTube.

    Others couldn’t help rolling on the floor laughing, saying that to see this is perhaps the best way to start their day:

    One even suggested that elephants are “sensitive” to excessive clothing:

    According to the zoo’s website, the elephant, named Bubbles, was rescued in the early 1980s when her herd was hunted for their ivory, with her being one of the few to have survived in the poaching act.


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