10:10 GMT22 October 2020
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    The Flemish town of Wevelgem was one of the first places where civilians were killed during the Second World War and became a starting point for the Third Reich’s “blitzkrieg” offensive against northern France. It has long been rumoured that the town, which was bombed by the Germans, holds secrets from 70 years ago.

    Blogger Christophe Lefebvre has shared that he has discovered a Nazi field hospital dating back to the Second World War under a well in the Belgian town of Wevelgem. According to Belgian outlet VRT News, he heard about the hideaway in a café, which then inspired him to search for it. Lefebvre, who has a popular blog and YouTube channel dedicated to exploring abandoned places, is said to have received a tip from an employee of the municipality, with the latter telling him that there is a door under a well at the city service grounds.

    "There has been a rumour in Wevelgem for many years. Many people knew there was a well and some even heard about a door under it. But more questions were not asked about it", the Belgian explorer said.

    Lefebvre reportedly discovered a second door after he opened a sewer cover, feeling that it could be something big, according to the Belgian media outlet. It turned out to be an underground structure consisting of countless concrete cells, which offered space for about 200 people, the blogger suggests. According to him, there were hiding places and storage rooms, as well as places with coloured walls for officers. Lefebvre suggested that “it must have been an important place for the Germans".

    "The underground complex has seen its better times; therefore, it is difficult to access. It is constantly under water, but it still looks like it was left by the Germans. There are no signs of vandalism yet", he said.

    The blogger, who noted that he was very surprised by the size of the structure, also added that he loves café chats, saying “rumours can sometimes be true”. He shared the video of his discovery on YouTube.

    However, as the Belgian outlet suggests, further research should be carried out to prove whether the enthusiast explorer was right, pointing out that local historians dispute the discovery. The report suggests that the facility could also be a civilian bunker that might have been used by the Germans.

    The explorer himself noted that the Flemish town of Wevelgem was crucial to the Nazi strategy due to the long runway of its airport.

    "The blitzkrieg that the Germans led in northern France started from Wevelgem", the journalist insisted.

    He pointed out that the Germans bombed the municipality, where the first civilian casualties occurred.


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