11:19 GMT03 August 2021
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    The French mastiff aptly named Hulk enjoyed a training drill session with its legendary owner and his two older sons in the backyard of Messis' house. But it seems that even this huge canine knows better than messing with Messi.

    Barcelona star Lionel Messi has been playing football with his family this week. A video shows the 32-year-old forward passing a football to his sons Thiago and Mateo while his wife and their one-year-old son Ciro watch on. The family's dog Hulk also joined in the 'Rondos,' trying to intercept the ball from the boys and their famous dad. However, as soon as Messi has the ball, the dog hilariously hesitates as if knowing that it cannot dare to tackle the football star.

    ​The dog's behaviour delighted Twitter users with many of them pointing out that the French mastiff had second thoughts about the game once the ball ends up by Messi's feet.


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