15:57 GMT18 June 2021
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    The extremely hot weather that’s making people all across Europe, from Italy to the Netherlands and the UK suffer, has turned out to have some perks for enthusiasts striving to prove that the legendary Loch Ness monster exists. They suggest that climate change might have affected the mysterious creature as well.

    The two blurry figures, moving across Urquhart Bay on one of the most famous lakes on Earth, Loch Ness, have been caught on grainy footage by a field webcam, stationed by research enthusiast Mikko Takala. His fellow “monster hunter” from Ireland, Eoin O’Faodhagain spotted what may be not one but two Nessies when he watched the broadcast on 10 July, The Sun reports. According to him, both were about 6 metres long and poked out of water.

    “I have never seen two objects so close to each other on the webcam before and I have been watching for years. Their shape in the water is very strange. What are they, I don't know. They could be two Nessies”, the Loch Ness watcher, who claims to have seen the legendary creature four times, including three this year alone, noted.

    He insists that “the two strange shapes were identical to each other” and were going in the same direction, prompting him to conclude that they were two separate objects. As the outlet, however, points out apart from the two strange-looking shapes, a larger object can be seen on the footage that resembles a boat. This cast the version that their might be two Nessies into doubt.

    Takala, whose camera caught Nessie’s alleged appearance, has suggested that the heatwave now scorching Europe, might be what could force the mysterious creatures to come close to humans.

    "There has been a slight increase in surface temperatures in Loch Ness due to climate change. It is possible that a cold blooded creature like Nessie may be encouraged to return and or stay longer in the warming waters of Loch Ness”, the man, who has watched the lake for more than 20 years concluded.

    The number of shapes caught on the video did not surprise him either.

    "I've always believed there has to be a family of unknown creatures in the loch, albeit a small one. It's too much of a stretch to believe that a single creature can live for hundreds, if not thousands of years or more”, he claimed.


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