16:34 GMT13 April 2021
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    Greta Thunberg has added more controversy to her name by posing in a T-shirt with radical left-wing Antifa movement imagery and calling for a national strike for the sake of climate.

    16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, recently dubbed "Apocalypse Guru", has sparked outrage by publishing a picture of herself wearing a shirt worn by members of the left-wing Antifa movement.

    In one of her recent tweets, Thunberg notified her massive followship that she had released a song with the British indie pop band The 1975. All revenues will go to the climate movement Extinction Rebellion, which has made a name for itself by organising left-wing climate protests in Sweden and other countries.

    “Time to rebel”, the Nobel Peace Prize nominee wrote, posting a photograph of herself wearing a shirt tagged “Antifascist All Stars”. Thunberg's shirt is also adorned with a five-pointed star and No Pasaran caption, (“They Shall Not Pass”), a Spanish War-era slogan popular in left-wing circles.

    ​T-shirts such as this one, alongside others with prints “Antifascist Action” and “Refugees Welcome” are sold in left-wing stores and are widely popular with the radical Antifa movement, associated with violent protests, threats and physical attacks.

    Thunberg's choice of attire has been widely criticised, with users poiting out that Antifa “beat the living s*** out of people” in the streets.

    ​Others suggested that Greta “finally showed her true colours” by siding with a violent organisation.

    ​Some went so far as to suggest that she was “supporting terrorists” and that her clothing would haunt her life and career.

    ​​The Antifa shirt didn't sit well even with some of her numerous supporters.

    ​“AFA? Left-wing extremist or right-wing extremist is just as bad. I didn't think that of you, Greta. Bad. Very bad”, a disappointed user wrote.

    ​“So Climate Greta is just another extreme left terrorist”, another one wrote.

    Failed Bid for National Strike

    Earlier this week, Thunberg, who rose to international prominence by boycotting school for the sake of climate and organising school protests under the slogan Fridays for Future, went one step further by calling for a nationwide strike.

    “The youth have already requested change, now the climate crisis requires the adults to do the same”, Greta Thunberg wrote in her opinion article in Aftonbladet, urging Sweden's trade unions to announce a general strike this autumn.

    According to Thunberg, unless the world drastically cuts its carbon dioxide emissions, we risk “complete social collapse”.

    However, a subsequent survey by the daily Expressen indicated that only one in ten respondents indended to heed her call. By contrast, 86 percent said they don't imagine themselves “striking for the climate”, as Thunberg puts it.

    “No, we do not solve the climate challenges by adults now having to strike. Nor do we solve them by appointing a child a climate-Jesus of sorts and creating alarmism and chaos in society”, a user noted.

    ​“We do not usually use strikes as a weapon for pressure on various political issues, however important and urgent they are, and we do not believe that a work stoppage would bring us closer to a solution to the climate issue”, Berit Müllerström of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation told national broadcaster SVT.

    While enjoying rock star-level popularity bordering on sainthood, Thunberg remains a widely controversial figure. Critics suggest that due to her diagnoses of Asperger's, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), she is often exploited by the media and various governments.

    Thunberg's mother, opera singer Malena Ernman, also contributed to the controversy by claiming that her daughter possesses the unique ability to see carbon dioxide with the naked eye.


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