20:01 GMT28 January 2020
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    The organiser blames a mistake during the planning of the event for the incident, but doesn't yet know exactly who chose to show a doctored image of the seal.

    US President Donald Trump's speech to supporters, organised by the conservative non-profit organisation Turning Point USA, has been at least partially spoiled by a blunder as an image of the presidential seal, shown on a screen behind Trump, was obviously doctored to deliver a jab to the president.

    The "fake" seal featured the eagle holding a set of golf clubs instead of arrows in an apparent reference to the US president's favourite hobby, which he hasn’t set aside after ascending to the presidency. Another distinctive feature was that the eagle was double-headed, although interpretations as to what the author of the image intended to say by this differ.

    It could be another reference to Trump's hobby, as one of his golf clubs, Turnberry, has a similar image on its logo. Double-headed eagles can be also found on the flags of Serbia, Albania, and Montenegro, as well as on the coat of arms of Russia. Accusations of having ties with the latter have been used by Trump's opponents since his election campaign, even though Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation has revealed these claims to be void.

    But this hasn’t stopped his detractors on social media from seeing it as confirmation of their accusations against the US president, with one alleging that the seal's image was doctored just like Trump's presidency, referring to the purported Russian meddling in the 2016 election, which Moscow has repeatedly denied.

    Some, however, called such conclusions groundless and unconvincing.

    One Twitterian condemned the blunder as just another attempt by Trump's opponents to pester the president after they failed to get anything of value from Mueller's testimony in the Congress, which was given on the same day.

    It is so far unclear how the doctored image wound up being shown at a meeting organised by Turning Point USA, which is generally viewed as supportive of the president. A spokesman for the organisation called it "a last-minute A/V mistake", but admitted to not knowing who was behind it. Trump, who apparently didn't notice the doctored image, hasn’t commented on the incident.

    Some netizens have given their own theories about the mishap, with several suggesting that the person who searched for the seal's image had picked the wrong one by accident, while others have suggested that the decision could have been deliberate.

    Many Twitterians praised the person's choice, regardless of their real intent.

    Some, however, remarked that the one who was responsible for the blunder could have gone a bit further with the picture.


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