11:16 GMT29 November 2020
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    Although it is two months before alien hunters plan to raid one of the top-guarded military bases in the US as part of a Facebook event-turned meme, some conspiracy theorists aren't wasting any time and have already made their way to the Area 51. Mia Khalifa, who shot to fame by starring in adult videos, is one of the early-bird alien hunters.

    The porn star-turned social media influencer Mia Khalifa joined in the "Storm Area 51" craze, which has trended this summer. Following her tradition of going 'all the way', she has already gone further than the millions of social media users who signed up for the Facebook event, by being one of the first celebs to show up in the desert near Area 51.

    Khalif posted a selfie standing in front of a fence in the desert with the caption "I'm here to free my alien" and the hashtag #Area51Raid.

    ​According to her another post with the same hashtag, she had travelled to "the Mojave Desert of California." She picked this location to give a shout-out to the English Premier League club, West Ham United, known to be one of her favourites.

    "COYI [which stands for the West Ham's fan chant "Come On You Irons"] all the way from the Mojave Desert of California," she wrote on Twitter, tagging the West Ham social media page, and posting a photo of herself in a team polo.

    ​The "Storm Area 51" Facebook event has made headlines all over the world with around 2 million users signing up to invade one of the most highly protected US Air Force facilities, which also happens to be a magnet for all kinds of conspiracy theorists and alien hunters since the US began testing high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft in the 1950s.

    The event, scheduled for 20 September, was seemingly launched as a farce, but the movement got blown out of proportion even worrying the US military, which has warned prospective "raiders" against any such attempts. The Air Force has even held briefings on the Naruto running technique, according to Reddit know-it-alls.


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