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    Netizens Flood Social Media With Area 51 Memes in Anticipation of 20 September ‘Raid’

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    It’s been a while since social media was so unanimously obsessed with a single topic, and the environment produces a lot of memes.

    If you’ve been on social media recently, chances are high you’ve seen something about Area 51. Maybe even a lot of Area 51. If you have, that’s because over 1 million people (according to CNet) have promised to take part in a “raid” to storm the secretive and mysterious Area 51, where the US government allegedly keeps the aliens it has captured following the dawn of the Cold War, and “liberate” them.

    Whether the Pentagon keeps little green creatures in a highly classified airfield in Nevada remains to be seen, but netizens have flooded social media with all kinds of memes sharing their expectation of the raid’s aftermath.

    Some users provided convincing video footage of a peaceful coexistence of humans and aliens after the raid.

    Others shared new exotic extraterrestrial languages.

    ​Some, however, remain skeptical as to whether the raid would succeed, hinting at the live rounds in the automatic rifles of the military police that patrol the perimeter of the desert facility.

    However, it might very well be that the raiders would end up disappointed: from what little is known about the supersecret facility, it is likely a proving ground for US reconnaissance planes and strategic bombers. 

    That, however, could be what they want you to think.


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