09:45 GMT12 May 2021
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    Raymundo Diaz's YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers, and 3 million Instagram followers, where he posts regular workout videos and fitness advice. 

    Youtube Influencer Raymundo Diaz was arrested around 5am on Friday following accusations of sexual assault.

    The 33-year old was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department who are investigating Diax after a clip surfaced of the internet celebrity allegedly abusing a teenage girl.

    The allegations began on 11th July after a 24-minute video was uploaded by Daniel ‘Keemstar’ Keem about Diaz’s girlfriend Angelicsalek, after she posed an audio recording of her apparently being physically assaulted by Diaz on her Instagram.

    In the clip, a man who is apparently Diaz can be heard threatening Salek then physically attacking her. The YouTube star confirmed the voice was him but claimed it was a recording of the two in an acting lesson.

    The 17-year old later confirmed on DramaAlert that the recording was in fact a real threat.

    During the interview she went into detail about her relationship but did not disclose any information on sexual activity.

    If the couple did engage in sexual acts, Diaz could also be investigated for sex with a minor.

    LAPD tweeted confirming Raymundo Diaz had been arrested and was on a $500,000.00 bail.

    ​Chief of LA Police, Michel Moore later took to Twitter thanking people for their support.

    Twitter erupted in Praise of Keemstar and DramaAlert for outing the alleged abuser. 

    ​Will others said that the video evidence would have led to the arrest without Keemstars video.

    Diaz has yet to make an official comment on the case 

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