04:04 GMT20 January 2021
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    Rianna Conner, a.k.a. Combat Barbie is an ex-US Marine sergeant who ditched the military for a successful modelling career and is now an internet bombshell.

    She’s hot and she’s fanning the flames for real, as Rianna Conner, known on the internet as Combat Barbie, brandishes a real flamethrower striking a pose near a tank in another of her numerous Instagram pics. The former US marine writes:

    “I had an absolute blast driving tanks around with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met.”
    “This was the most fun and badass day I’ve ever had!”

    Combat Barbie has built up a huge Instagram following after leaving the military for a career in modelling.

    Californian Rianna Conner served seven years in the US Marine Corps, earning the title of sergeant, and was even honoured with the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. But at some point the gorgeous blonde opted out of the military and turned to civilian life.

    The inked-up babe has since begun posting numerous sizzling hot photos and videos of herself on Instagram, frequently posing with military hardware.

    Rianna has now built up a following of nearly 500,000 and likes to use her platform to post inspirational messages as she celebrates the American way of life.

    In her Instagram bio, Rianna states she wants to be the military Marilyn Monroe.

    As for how the buxom bombshell came up with the name “Combat Barbie”, the Daily Star writes the nickname emerged after Rianna fell victim to some cruel online mocking. In the beginning, it wounded her self-confidence, as she herself admitted, yet over time she came to embrace the moniker.

    Although the beauty is occasionally criticised for her sizzling pics, she says:

    “I’m not perfect. I’ve got lots of bruises on my body from work, sometimes I laugh obnoxiously loud, I suck at staying hydrated. I’m a hopeless romantic, I drink an unhealthy amount of coffee, I left my hometown at 18 because I thought I hated it then.I’ve got many scars physically and mentally, but despite all of that, I love myself.”


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