05:25 GMT15 August 2020
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    Indonesian resident Hari Toae has captured an otherworldly creature on video that he spotted creeping along his ceiling.

    In the video, you can see a medium-sized creature with two wings and four tentacles of different lengths climbing up. The author of the video was extremely surprised by the look of the creature and called it a “stranger”.

    He suggested that it was looking for a safe place to sleep, as it was raining that night.

    Toaea could not determine the species of the creature, but said the home intruder "looked like an alien". However, he suggested that it was probably a moth, which belongs to the Arctiinae family and has similar features to the bear-butterfly (Creatonotos gangis). It resembles a hybrid of moth and spider and has several tentacles that produce pheromones to attract partners.


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