10:30 GMT02 April 2020
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    The #bottlecapchallenge is the most recent viral internet challenge meme. The craze depicts users and celebrities attempting to kick off screw-top bottle lids and posting the footage online. ​The challenge requires a participant to kick the lid off a bottle, and film it in slow motion.

    Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds took part in the latest viral online challenge.

    A video doubling as an advert for his own gin company, the ad shows a gin bottle being slowly transported to him while ominous music plays in the background.

    The video then abruptly shifts to a vertical phone-camera shot where the identifiable set-up is revealed of Reynolds preparing to spin-kick the bottle cap.

    Expecting to see Reynolds expertly remove the cap, the attempt goes horrible wrong and the gin bottle is smashed out of frame by his foot, followed by the sound of shattered glass and the sight of the actor quickly running out of the door. 

    ​The Twittersphere exploded in a frenzy in response to the challenge. 

    Fans praised the actor for not damaging his camera.

    Deadpool enthusiasts asked Reynolds to start up a whiskey franchise.

    Some praised the advert and used reaction shots from movies, including his own to show their surprise.

    Other celebrities tried the challenge, seeing very different results.

    MMA star Connor McGregor, also promoting his own whiskey brand 'Proper Whiskey', took up the challenge.

    The challenge has seen celebrities such as Jason Statham and 2020 US presidential candidate Andrew Yang make attempts at clearing off bottle tops with varying results. 

    Inspired by impressive results by celebrities, others found creative ways to show their skills.

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