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    Martina Big

    'Race-Changing' German Stuns Netizens With Her Plans to Get World’s Biggest Boobs

    © Photo: Martina BIG - Malaika Kubwa / facebook
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    Thirty-year-old Martina Big made headlines when she underwent a series of tanning injections to darken her skin as she self-identified as “black”; she also had her breasts enhanced to look voluptuous. However, she is not going to stop there; she wants the world’s biggest rack.

    Social media users have been left shocked and confused by the recent TV appearance of a “race-changing” model from Germany, Martina Big, who announced that she plans to get her breasts enhanced with implants weighing 20 litres. The woman revealed her transformation plans on the British show This Morning.

    The ethnically European 30-year-old, who made her skin darker with melanin injections, already has a 70S cup size, rated to be the biggest breasts in Europe, and carries 6.3 litres on each side but prepares for the extra load every day with weight training to become strong and muscular.

    To demonstrate her strength, the model lifted up two 18-litre bottles, which were brought to the studio for this experiment. When the baffled host expressed disbelief that she intended to carry the weight of a suitcase on her chest, Big insisted that she is going to go on with her powerlifting training until she can comfortably carry her giant breasts without any discomfort.

    Possibly daily struggles, like bending or putting her shoes on, do not scare her either: she claims that her husband, who has also turned to plastic surgery to change his skin tone, would help her. Although she admitted that one day, when she grows older, she might downsize, she said that her wish now is to “go bigger, bigger and bigger.”

    “I like big breasts. When I got started I liked 2,000cc and then I wanted more and more. My implants can handle it, my skin can handle it - and now I have 6,000 cc and I'm planning step by step,” she said, as cited by The Daily Mail, revealing that she attends her surgeon on a weekly basis to get her implants pumped with more saline.

    Martina Big claimed: “I can see them and feel them [growing]. It’s really interesting. I like this.”

    The commenters online found her cravings, as well as the fact that a doctor is willing to perform these procedures, as disturbing, to say the least.

    ​Many suggested she needs to visit a therapist rather than a surgeon.

    ​Many called on the showrunners to stop inviting her and suggested that they were probably sponsoring her craze by paying for interviews.


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