05:03 GMT09 August 2020
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    Actor Jon Voight spoke Friday on "Fox & Friends" about attending the Rally for Freedom alongside Gold Star families on July 4th, responding to a recent critical tweet from actress Alyssa Milano.

    Voight, a vocal supporter of President Trump, was on the show with Gold Star mom Karen Vaughn, who lost her son, Navy SEAL Aaron Carson, in 2011, talking about 4th of July celebrations when he was read a tweet by Milano made back in May. Milano called Voight an “F-lister" and a "has been" in response to his vocal support for President Trump.

    “I have sympathy for people that are in ignorance. It doesn't scare me. Ignorance doesn't scare me. I was like that myself. I just root for everybody to come to the truth," Voight responded.

    The actor also said he was part of the anti-war left movement during the 1960s, but later discovered the "truth" and changed his political affiliation. Voight also called socialism, the ideas of which that are gaining popularity among younger Democrats,  a "disaster" and lamented that young people are being "indoctrinated" in schools and don't fully understand the perils of socialist policies.

    "If they knew anything about the Second World War, they'd know that socialism is a disaster. It's never produced anything anywhere in the world. It's an economic sinkhole, but it also produces nothing but misery and violence."

    Netizens also stood in defence of Voight, praising his talents as an actor and noting that Milano doesn’t have enough professional experience to call the Award-winning Voight “F-lister” or make any presumptions about his relevance today.



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