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    Nang Mwe San

    Burmese Doctor Loses Medical Licence Over Her Sexy Online Photos

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    Appearing undaunted by the loss of her licence, the model declared her intent to appeal the decision made by the Myanmar Medical Council, so that she can someday resume her medical practice.

    Nang Mwe San, a 29-year-old doctor and model from Myanmar, had her medical licence revoked by local authorities after posting revealing photos of herself on social media.

    According to The New York Times, while Mwe San became a physician at the age of 22, her dream always was to become a “sexy model”, so two years ago she simply “swapped her scrubs and white coat for bikinis and lingerie“, and started posting racy pictures of herself online.

    In January 2019, she was ordered by the Myanmar Medical Council to stop posting such images and to delete the existing pictures. The model refused to comply and earlier this month the council told her that her licence has been revoked.

    "Here there is so much sexism.They don’t want women to have higher positions. And they judge women on what we wear. They don’t even want us to wear trousers”, she complained.

    Mwe San also vented her emotions online, stating that “society does not own women's body” and thanked those who supported her.

    "We will support and encourage you forever", one social media user wrote in response,

    “You are right. You are Not doing any harm but only good to society by sharing such a beautiful creation by God”, added another.

    “Tell them that they have many more important things for the health sector in Burma than taking control over your body”, posted a third.

    She also revealed that while she enjoys her new vocation, and has earned more money as a model than as a doctor, she intends to appeal the ruling so that she can work as a doctor someday after the end of her modeling career.


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