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    The suit was 3D-printed from titanium, while the engine was provided by a UK-based jetpack builder. While not as sleek and maneuverable as Tony Stark’s fictional villain-fighting invention, at least it’s real.

    Former MythBusters host Adam Savage turned to the Marvel Avengers franchise for inspiration for his new show, Savage Builds. For the first season’s first episode, he built a real-life flying Iron Man suit. And yes, it flies.

    The suit itself is manufactured primarily from titanium, which is impressive, considering that it was not stamped in a traditional way, but 3D-printed by experts from the Denver-based Colorado School of Mines.

    Flying capabilities are provided by an engine created by British company Gravity Industries, who make tailored jetpacks for about $300,000 each. Gravity’s jetpacks rely on two thrusters on each arm for stability and one on the back for lift. An operator must use arm strength to balance and control movement.

    “I was just able to hover like 15 feet off the ground and actually directionalize and aim a little bit and that last bit of just feeling the power - my arms locked rising above the ground - absolutely incomparable,” Savage said after using the prototype, calling the experience of flying “astounding.”

    While the suit cannot shoot destructive beams from the palms of its hands, it is said to be bulletproof.

    Savage co-hosted MythBusters with Jamie Hyneman beginning in 2003, and left after the show ended in 2016. In 2017, the show was revived with new hosts, while Savage switched to his own spin-off, MythBusters Jr, and Savage Builds.


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