12:30 GMT11 July 2020
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    The beautifully lit pinkish celestial body has traditionally been associated with the time when local tribes living in Earth’s northern hemisphere harvested strawberries, but some Christian pastors seem to view the colour and the date in a different light.

    On Monday, 17 June, stargazers will witness a phenomenon romantically referred to as the Strawberry Moon, which is essentially the sixth of this year’s 12 named full moon phases.

    The successor of the so-dubbed Flower Moon, which made its appearance a month earlier, will be at its fullest during the night, rising at around 9.30 pm GMT, as the moon will enter the right position to produce an incredible sight.

    This is the latest time in the entire year that the full moon will rise in the northern hemisphere, with the phenomenon due to usher in the summer solstice that falls on Friday, 21 June.

    According to NASA, the “Strawberry Moon” happens every June and was named by the Algonquin tribes of the northern United States and Canada because it was their signal to harvest strawberries.

    Whatever the meaning of the phenomenon, there were those who view the annual sight as an Apocalypse sign and a sacred day for prayer.

    Pastor Tim Henderson, who monitors events potentially signalling the Apocalypse and posts respective videos on his YouTube channel, believes the Strawberry Moon may herald a message of doom. He especially picked up on the number 17, today’s date, asserting that it means “victory and perfection” and arguing that humanity has entered “a high-watched season”. “I believe our bridegroom is coming for the bride very, very, very soon”, he emotionally claimed in the clip.

    After the Strawberry Moon lights up the night skies, the next full moon to rise is the Buck Moon in July, which will peak in its brightness on 16 July. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the second summer month is the period when a “buck’s antlers are in full growth mode”. Just wondering, what will doomsday preachers have to say about that?


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