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    WATCH: Freeway Beatdown Sparked After Couple Calls Latino Parents ‘Beaners’

    WATCH: Freeway Beatdown Sparked After Couple Calls Latino Parents ‘Beaners’

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    California highway harassers who hurled racial epithets received a tag-team beatdown after stopping to confront and intimidate the Latino family who they allegedly tried to cut off with their vehicle.

    A US couple’s bark proved worse than their bite in a road rage rumble captured on camera over the weekend on State Route 118 in California’s Simi Valley.

    “Here’s a video of my parents f*cking up an ugly ass racist couple who were trying to cut my parents off, and referred to my parents as ‘beaners’ on the off ramp of the 118 today,” former Twitter user @PattyMonstercx said within the post of her since-deleted video.

    It’s unclear if her account was deleted, underwent a handle change or was suspended voluntarily or otherwise. The incident’s footage, however, was saved in full and uploaded to YouTube.

    The video begins showing an enraged woman hanging out of an SUV window, screaming unintelligible things at a Latino family’s vehicle while the man operating the vehicle travels across several lanes of traffic to reach the highway’s shoulder.

    While one family member is overheard speaking to a 911 dispatcher, the offending couple, dressed in matching white tops, can seen exiting their Chevy SUV, throwing up their arms as they approach the family’s vehicle.

    The Latino family stays in their car, though insults are bandied about, until the woman from the approaching couple is overheard saying “he’s not worth it, he’s a f*cking beaner.” At that, both the Latina driver and her husband exit their vehicle, ready to rumble.

    With a single move, the husband of the Latino couple slings the man who insulted him by his white shirt, which causes the man’s partner to lose her balance and fall to the freeway. After the woman gets up, the Latino wife blocks her attempt to reach the two sparring men, pulling her down by her hair.

    Cars continue to pass by the couples as the beatdown begins, with several honking at the brawl.

    Video contains language some may find offensive.

    With his shirt ripped and morale between him and his partner at a low, the offending driver tries to reason with the husband. His once-confrontational tone is now “Whoa, bro! Whoa, man, please.” Unfortunately, his plea earned him only a fist to the face, knocking his glasses out of place.

    While the white shirt-wearing couple was busy finding out their mouths wrote a check their fists could not cash, the family member recording the video is overheard finishing up her report to the police dispatcher.

    Another individual, who appeared to be the Latino couple’s daughter, screams “that’s enough” after her mother is seen pulling the other woman’s shirt over her head before delivering a couple final, audible connecting jabs.

    The video is no longer visible on Twitter, but in a reply to the original clip, Twitter user @LovableBassy pointed out that while his partner was attempting to regain her composure and put on her shirt, the offending man appeared to cup the Latino couple’s daughter’s breast.

    This is not the first summer smackdown to go viral from the US. A few weeks ago, two Tennessee men were spotted letting their hands do the talking in an interstate fight that appeared more equally matched than their Cali counterparts.

    Though it’s obvious which road rage duo was victorious in this particular instance, it remains unclear if either party pressed charges following the incident.


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