19:12 GMT21 February 2020
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    Since assuming office in the summer of 2016, Tory leader and UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been an inexhaustible source of memes and jokes.

    As Theresa May’s leadership in the Conservative Party officially came to end on 7 June after years of a massive political headache with Brexit, it’s high time to remember the finest memes she has inspired throughout these years.

    Dancing Queen

    The UK prime minister’s dancing skills may not necessarily be a meme in essence but it has been a genuine internet sensation ever since she showed off her now-signature, robot-style moves during her visit to South Africa in August 2018.

    May hit the dancefloor together with secondary school children, busting a couple of awkward angular moves – something which inevitably prompted a social media storm, with users comparing her to a robot they dubbed May-bot.

    Hyping on the smashing success, she bounced onto the stage at the Tory Party conference in October to the tune of Abba’s hit “Dancing Queen”.

    Brexit for Dummies

    Just two months ago, May, who struggled to pass her withdrawal agreement through the UK Parliament, addressed the nation in a video shared via Twitter to explain “what on earth is happening with Brexit”.

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    It didn’t take long for the prime minister’s attempt at calm to receive the meme treatment, with users coming up with hilarious parodies:

    Mastering Low Curtsy

    Aside from robotic dancing, it seems like May has got a bunch of other trademark moves in stock, which include performing an unusually low curtsy as a way of greeting the Royal Family.

    Back in August 2018, she became a walking meme after being photographed doing an awkward plunge to shake the hand of Prince William.

    Her getting down on an overly-bended knee has as well inspired comparisons to none other than Gollum, the Lord of The Ring’s character:

    All Balls in May’s Court

    It’s safe to say that Theresa May has had a quite stressful tenure, so who could blame her for blowing off a bit of steam on the dancefloor or on the pitch?

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    Except… her football skills appeared to be as nearly as poor as her dancing: just last month she was spotted kicking a ball around as she heaped praise on the English football teams in the Champions League.

    And this is not the first time that she’s suffered a football fiasco: back in June 2017, she was caught on camera failing to complete a so-called Mexican Wave at the France vs England match.

    Losing Herself to Naughtiness

    While a bunch of netizens have sarcastically suggested that the out-of-sync Mexican wave may have been the naughtiest thing the PM has ever done, she once famously revealed that the naughtiest thing she had actually ever done was running through fields of wheat as a kid.

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    Her “bombshell” confession combined with the solo Mexican wave has given the world arguably the best vine ever.

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