17:53 GMT02 March 2021
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    Controversial US vlogger Trisha Paytas, known for her lifestyle videos as well as attempts to pursue a musical career, tried to backpedal from the King of YouTube’s criticism, yet her audience wasn’t impressed.

    PewDiePie addressed the matter in a video in an episode of ‘Cringe Thursday’ on May 30, where he called the YouTuber a “liar, manipulator, playing the victim,” and “aggressive.” The Swedish blogger, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, slammed Paytas for “ghosting” her fellow YouTuber Nikocado Avocado, whom she invited to California but then avoided meeting him. According to Pewds, she thereafter tried to lie and appear as the victim in the situation. Felix also touched upon the issue of her response toward comedian Ethan Klein’s comments on her photoshopped pictures, calling her request that his wife divorce him over the debacle “gross.”

    Paytas uploaded her own video responding to PewDiePie’s commentary the very next day, claiming that she’d been hit with a slew of tweets about the drama and didn’t even believe it was real at first — later admitting that she felt it might be the “nail in my YouTube coffin.”

    “The thing that maybe sparked the most out of me was him saying the ‘liar, manipulator, aggressive, abusive,’” Paytas explained. “Which are terms that people have used to describe me, which are terms I would never describe myself as.”

    She also claimed she has made “many mistakes,” yet tried to convince her audience that she is a good person, later admitting that she has a tendency to “ghost” people, in reference to her failed meetup with Avocado.

    “I just feel bad. If I just don’t want to hang out with somebody, and that’s more of me, I don’t know, not vibing with someone, wanting to save my energy, being lazy, I don’t know — whatever the case is, sometimes I just don’t want to hang out with people, and I feel so awkward to say no over and over,” she said.

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    Netizens, however, didn’t seem to disbelieve Paytas, who is most known for her kitchen floor “breakdown” videos. They noted that the comments below her YouTube video were disabled and she was quick to delete the tweet announcing the video, suggesting it was made because she didn’t actually want to hear the audience’s opinions.


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