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    Two Locals Report Encounters With 'Hairy Two-Legged' Yeti in US State of Georgia

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    One man, who is the latest to have seen a creature that allegedly couldn’t be anything other than a “hairy” Sasquatch, says he’d never considered himself a believer before his encounter.

    Bigfoot speculation has seen recently on the rise after a number of separate sightings were reported in the northeast of the mountainous US state of Georgia last week, to the bafflement of both locals and foreigners.

    The first was by a stunned driver, who told local media that he had to abruptly push on the brakes as “a very dark, 7-8’ tall hairy creature with a pointed head” popped up along his way.

    “He said the arms were very long and it walked with the arms extended from its sides”, a post on the Facebook page for “Expedition: Bigfoot”, a museum in Cherry Log, Georgia, dedicated to Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, reads.

    “He pulled over skidding on the gravel, and waited on the back side of the small patch of woods thinking it would emerge on the other side… it never did”, the post continued.

    Edward Lee later admitted to local press that he has never believed folk stories about the beast, but is now totally convinced it exists, “and it’s no bear”, regardless of the disbelief that even his wife has demonstrated vis-a-vis the case.

    David Bakara, who runs the “Expedition: Bigfoot” Facebook page, according to the Charlotte Observer, commented on the case, contending that it echoes a report by another man who, having seen the original post,  called him around the same time to recount his meeting “a black/grey one in Rabun County near Clayton on his way to work”. The man reportedly spotted the eye-popping creature in the wilderness as he was walking across a field in the morning hours, and saw him kneel down at a branch in search of trout.


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