14:40 GMT28 October 2020
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    The French astrologer, whose predictions have kept doomsday theorists busy for hundreds of years, mentioned “volcanic fire” and an earthquake, felt around the globe, in the “New City” in the book of his prophecies, a British tabloid claims. Some have seen hints of a nationwide catastrophe in the US in the centuries-old prediction.

    End-world theorists have seen a warning about a looming devastating eruption and earthquake in North America in Nostradamus’ 1555 Les Prophéties, the British outlet Daily Express claims, citing the conspiracy theorist bay Before It’s News. 

    The newspaper points at the French medieval astrologer’s verses, telling a story about “an earthquake that shall concern particularly the western area of the New City” with the power “felt in lands throughout the globe” and “volcanic fire from the middle of the earth”  which causes “trembling around the New City”. It alleges that “the New City” can be a reference to the continent discovered by Columbus shortly before Michel de Nostredame made his grim prophecy. 

    The British tabloid, citing conspiracies from Before It’s News, explained that global tensions and natural disasters might be signs of a catastrophe foretold by Nostradamus 500 years ago.

    “It’s time to shift the world into a state of preparedness, not conflict. The age of the great floods has begun. It’s not going to stop. If the leadership of your country is not promoting a universal state of preparedness, perhaps it’s time to find new leadership,” the website says.

    It also points at the omens of the looming end-days in the Bible’s Revelation passage about “a huge mountain, all ablaze, thrown into the sea” and a “third of the sea turned into blood”.

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    According to the interpretation cited by The Daily Express, it might be a reference to Yellowstone. If the region erupts, sulphur dioxide emissions could kill 87,000 people and make most parts of the US uninhabitable, casting it into a “nuclear winter”. Additionally, it could entail drastic climate change around the globe, the outlet suggests.

    The article adds, however, that the odds of an eruption are meagre, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). It says that even the chance of an asteroid hitting Earth and annihilating  civilisation is greater.


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