11:59 GMT18 May 2021
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    Tati's video featuring criticism of the famous make-up artist spurred a record-breaking exodus of subscribers from Charles on YouTube and other social media.

    World's famous video blogger PewDiePie criticised the situation around a diss video posted by renowned make-up artist Tati Westbrook targeting her colleague, James Charles. Having broken down the essentials of Tati's 40-minute-long video named "BYE SISTER…" Pewds wondered why she had all of a sudden turned against Charles, whom she has actively supported and collaborated with in the past.

    "She's putting herself on a pedestal while she clearly was completely fine not outing this behaviour of James Charles essentially abusing people's sexuality, and as long as James Charles would instead have promoted her vitamins, she would've been fine with it", he said.

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    But what surprised Pewds even more was that Charles' subscribers actually listened to Tati and started to massively unfollow him on social media in record-breaking numbers rather than asking why she had made the move that she did.

    "It's very troubling to me how this kind of behaviour gets rewarded online. For me to be the only one thinking this way feels weird to me", PewDiePie said.

    In the end, Pewds noted that although he doesn't exonerate James Charles and doesn't claim he is innocent, he believes that "something else" must have happened for the two to begin to row.


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