07:06 GMT17 January 2021
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    A feminist Swedish MEP has admitted to spending a portion of her EU allowance on 3D clitorises with feminist and left-wing prints.

    Despite living and working in Brussels, Swedish Left Party politician and MEP Malin Björk has received SEK 1 million (about $104,000) in EU allowance for travel and accommodation, Swedish national broadcaster SVT reported.

    According to Björk's employees, she should now refund money spent, but it is unclear how large that sum will be.

    By Björk's own admission, she previously made an agreement with the European Parliament's administration to use the EU's daily allowance of SEK 3,000 (about $312) per day for travel and accommodation in Sweden.

    While Björk contended that she did not sign up for a daily allowance, SVT's examination indicated that she has done it 357 times the last term, which amounts to a total of SEK 1 million.

    In addition to the EU allowance, EU parliamentarians have the right to a so-called office compensation of over SEK 40,000 (over $4,000). According to Björk's, this money went on telephone bills, office supplies, and coffee cups.

    "I have also purchased one hundred coffee cups and quite a few 3D clitorises of plastic with feminist and left-wing prints", Björk told SVT.

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    "All EU parliamentarians, even those living in Brussels, are entitled to the allowances. The big question is what you do with them. I use them for my work, especially in Sweden", Björk concluded.

    Nevertheless, Björk's spending habits have drawn ridicule in Swedish social media.

    One joke account posted a mock election poster of the Left Party, featuring Björk and party leader Jonas Sjöstedt alongside the motto "One Million Reasons to Vote", referring to the SEK 1 million Björk received in allowance money.

    "The left's definition of money well spent: "I have also purchased one hundred coffee cups and quite a few 3D clitorises of plastic with feminist and lef-wing prints". "Curtains", another wry comment said.

    ​"If Malin Björk had bought a lot of 3D dildos for her EU allowance, I would still have had some sort of understanding. But 3D clitorises… Your tax money at work", another user scoffed.

    ​Another user published a mock Left Party logo using a 3D clitoris as a capital letter.

    Yet another exercise of wit included a picture of Björk with a "clit hat", an improvement on the once popular "pussy hat".

    ​In a side-effect, Björk also triggered a discussion on what the plural form of clitoris is in the Swedish language.

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    Malin Björk has the distinction of being Sweden's first openly lesbian MEP and used to be the editor-in-chief of a feminist-lesbian magazine. During her tenure as MEP, she has focused on the issues of feminism, anti-racism and LGBT rights. In April 2014, Björk notoriously refused to buckle her seat belt on board a Swedish plane carrying an asylum seeker about to be deported.

    The Left Party is a socialist and feminist political party, which splintered from the Social Democrats Party in 1917 and was until 1990 known as the Communist Party of Sweden.


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