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    Satan (after Botticelli)

    'Pro-Trump Prophet' Claims Satan Sprays Chemtrails to Block 'God's Frequency'

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    A major conspiracy theory suggests that the powers that be spray chemtrails to control the weather and the population, but a man has now made an even more absurd claim.

    A self-styled "firefighter prophet" from the United States is claiming that people are "walking antennas" crying out to God and that the Prince of Darkness is tirelessly trying to derail this communication — including by spraying metals above our heads.

    Mark Taylor, a former firefighter who was forced to retire due to PTSD, claims he first received a message from God in 2011 while hearing Donald Trump on the news. According to Taylor, the divine voice told him that Trump would become America's next president, and after that happened, he came to believe that he was the chosen one.

    Taylor has appeared on several shows in recent years and even featured in a documentary titled The Trump Prophecy.

    On the Blessed to Teach YouTube channel, Taylor claims that "everything in life gives off a frequency", from human beings to insentient things like trees, rocks, and even clothes, and that all these things worship God in that frequency.

    In the opposite corner of the ring is Satan, Taylor says, who is trying to prevent us from tuning in to God.

    "We've come so far generationally, we've got so many things going on, whether it's the food we eat, the chemtrails, all the spraying is to detract us from hearing God's frequency," he said.

    Chemtrails, the white streaks in the sky left by aircraft, are clouds of water vapour formed by engine exhausts. But Taylor believes that these clouds contain aluminium and barium and are actually sprayed to hinder humanity's communication with God. 

    He believes that the answer as to who is trying to control humanity via these means lies in the periodic table of elements, where barium is abbreviated ‘Ba' while aluminium is ‘Al'. When put together, they make ‘Baal', a pagan god often associated with Satan.

    Coincidence? The "prophet" thinks not.

    "We are literally walking antennas because we've been breathing the aluminium, we've been breathing the barium," he said. "We are literally giant antennas."

    The wildfires that ravaged California last year were so damaging, as he claims, because emergency services were "not fighting a Class A fire-which is wood and paper products-they're fighting a Class D fire, a metal fire."

    "If you want to get really deep on this, these entities that the devil has put down here that these Satanist worship or tap into for this knowledge, if you will, they have told them how to do this stuff," he says.

    "They've showed them how to do this stuff for decades, for thousands of years, but they've tapped into this stuff about how to clog up man's ears and eyes to be able to sense and feel God every time you're walking around."

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